imix & miXer beads
imix & miXer beads

imix & miXer beads

Goodbye Shaking.   Goodbye Separation.   Goodbye Thickening.

Hello imix®

 imix® can be used with gel polishes and lacquers that do not contain ferro magnetic materials, such as Iron Oxide and Tin Oxide 

 imix® can be used with any gel polish, lacquer formula, and some potted gels
• Retains the consistency of polish and the color consistency for flawless application each and every time
• Reduces wasted polish, meaning more applications per bottle
• Programmable lighting display
 imix® kit is complete with 10 miXers, a miXtractor, and a USB cable
• Additional miXers available in packs of 20 and 50 (easily removed and cleaned in acetone for reuse)