3D Diamond Stacker
3D Diamond Stacker

3D Diamond Stacker


You're going to love this unique stacker collection of 3D diamond-shaped paillettes!!!  These are perfect for an easy textured design with a chameleon-like effect when you shift them in the light.

    These glitters are all made with cosmetic grade films and are solvent resistant, which means they won't bleed, fade, or run when working with gel or acrylic.  

    Set Includes:

    • (1) 5g segment of iridescent white
    • (1) 5g segment of pink / gold iridescent
    • (1) 5g segment of silver / blue shift
    • (1) 5g segment of teal / purple (peacock) shift
    • (1) 5g segment of lavender / blue shift
    • (1) 5g segment of purple / lilac shift


    • Apply Wildflowers Clear Puffy Gel on desired area
    • Take your WildFlowers Fidget Stylus and dip it in the Clear Puffy Gel(makes it easier to pick up your 3D Diamonds)
    • Pick up the 3D diamonds with the Fidget Stylus, place them on top of your Clear Puffy Gel
    • Cure, 30 secs in LED/ 120 secs in UV
    • Coat your nail with one layer of Wildflowers Metallic Topcoat
    • Cure, 30 secs in LED/ 120 secs in UV


    Product Size:

    The diamonds are approximately 2.5mm x 4mm in length and width. 6 compartments are 5 gram stackable jars.