Art (Lace) Paste
Art (Lace) Paste

Art (Lace) Paste

Wildflowers Lace Paste (soon to be re-named ART PASTE) is a special 4-D gel that's perfect for making 3-D lace, and other 3-D creations, available in black and white. Lace Paste is a soak off gel, that has no tacky layer. Finally you can make beautiful lace and flowers, without having to worry about the product setting up too fast.  

Hate getting tricked by those pots that look much bigger than they are?? Me too!  Wildflowers Lace Paste comes in a true 15mL jar.  (that's 5x larger than other brands).  


Cure: 30 secs LED, 2 min UV (36 watts)

This gel is not suited for use with a brush (it's way too firm). These are the tools I prefer to use:

Tip: It's always best to plan out your design before you begin!


Product Size:

15 ml