Black Combo Tool
Black Combo Tool

Black Combo Tool

Wildflowers Black Combo Tool is most commonly used with Gel Hybrid products such as Polygel, but can ALSO be used for hard gels.

The brush is made from High Quality Nylon Bristles.  It is made with less bristles that other brushes of this style, and therefore is less prone to splitting (like a sandwich).  

The spatula on the back of the brush is FIRM, and is very difficult to bend.


PROPER BRUSH CARE is essential.  Avoid slip solutions that use acetone, as this will shorten the life of this brush.  

To deep clean the brush, dip the brush quickly into acetone, and work the brush on a paper-towel.  Repeat as necessary (a few times should be plenty).  Immediately after, dip the brush into alcohol to remove any excess product.  Store the brush wet with water, OR wet with clear gel - never dry.  

Expected life of a well cared for nylon brush is 1 year.