Build in a Bottle

Build in a Bottle

Wildflowers Build in a Bottle is a soak-off* builder gel in the convenience of a bottle.  Use it to build nail extensions, or in conjunction with Wildflowers Sculpting Paste for beautifully encapsulated glitters.   Colour is PINK


This product can be used with or without Wildflowers BASE gel.  To remove the product by soaking off, Wildflowers BASE gel is required.  

  • Cleanse and purify the nail plate using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • (Optional) Apply Wildflowers BASE gel for optional soak-off removal or for those more prone to lifting.  Cure for 30 seconds in an LED light or 120 seconds in a UV.
  • Apply a Nail Form 
  • Apply the gel to the free edge of the nail, and pull forward over the nail form to create an extension edge
  • Cure for 10 seconds in an LED light or 30 seconds in a UV light
  • Apply layers to cover the nail completely, flash curing in-between
  • Remove the tacky layer, and file to desired shape
  • Finish with Wildflowers Top Coat Gel

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