Geometric Plate
Geometric Plate
Geometric Plate

Geometric Plate

This design plate was made and designed by Lauren Wireman.  

18 Geometric images...

The Wildflowers Geometric Plate is full of fun patterns - artdeco, waves, swirls, op art, checkered, honeycomb, houndstooth and other cool geometric shapes!

Large image included, also a scaled image for small nails too! (Some images are on here twice, once for larger long nails, and again scaled way down for small natural nails!)


  • Use this stamping plate with Clear S regular nail polish on natural nails for cute designs and added dimension.  
  • Use this stamping plate over nail enhancements to add some bold excitement, or to create fun backgrounds for your hand-painted nailart.  
  • Stamp with CND Shellac or Wildflowers Stamping Gel to add pigments, foils, textures, and glow-in-the-dark finishes.  

Tip: Always pair this with the Wildflowers Clear Stamper so you can see where it's landing on the nail and you're all set!  

Cleaning: Use Acetone or Alcohol to clean this plate, store in a dry place in its perfect protective cover that it comes in.