HN Files Try n Buy pack 20pce

HN Files Try n Buy pack 20pce

Discover the perfect nail file for your salon with our 20-piece pack.

Featuring a selection of files from Wildflowers USA and our own Hyper Nails brand, this curated collection ensures you'll find the ideal match for your unique needs.

Whether you're uncertain or simply looking to expand your options, this pack offers a diverse range of high-quality files to explore and elevate your nail care experience



Pack contents

1x Wildflowers Metal Core
6x 180g & 3x 100g Peel n Stick Files
2x 180g Peel n stick Sponge Buffer
3x 100/180g Zebra file HN
3x 180/240g Zebra file HN
2x 100/180g Sponge Buffer HN