KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File
KB Portable E-File

KB Portable E-File

Do your hands, wrists or shoulders hurt after a day at the nail desk?

Have you invested in an e-file to help but instead you've experienced high vibration, skipping and your hands feel even more uncomfortable after a long day and you've lost your confidence?

Many e-files can be bulky and take a lot of space on your nail desk.

Does the noise make your clients feel uncomfortable and bring memories of the dentist?

You want to invest in a better one, but many are out of budget.

Especially when you then have to splash out for education on-top. Look no further!

KB Portable E-File is a revolutionary new must have for any nail tech. Our KB Portable E-File is a powerful yet quiet, minimal vibration e-file with exceptional features like nothing else on the market. With its innovative design, it is USB powered so whatever country you are in, you can plug it into any USB mains plug, power bank, laptop or even your car charger! What's even cooler is that it becomes a power bank itself so you can charge yours or your client's phone, your USB powered desk lamp or your KB Glow right from your e-file.  

A great tool for mobile techs, meaning no extra plugs are required! Not only is this super handy, but it also saves money and energy bills by being USB powered. 

The Portable E-File comes complete with desk stand and bit tidy which ensures you always have your bits close at hand for easy access!  It also has a stop, pause memory function so you can pick up right where you left off.

Wherever you are, there's no need for special charging cables or adapters as this machine only requires a USB port to plug into - perfect for when you lose that charger!

Not only that, but we include free e-file machine education with the purchase of our KB Portable E-File.  ** Subject to UK availability**


Technical Specifications

Speed: 40,000rpm

Torque: 2.8nM

Direction: Forward and reverse

Charge time: 1.5 - 2 hrs

Battery life: 6 - 8 hours (after full charge)

Power source: USB so can be used worldwide

Bit size: Fits 3/32 inch (can be used with other e-file bits)

Warranty: 1 year