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Purple Training Hand
Purple Training Hand

Purple Training Hand

These hands are a great option for building speed and repetition.  They are also great for practicing the electric file.  

"I used my training hand in the salon between clients to practice my acrylic smile line application.  I used it at least once a week for about an hour, and in about 6 weeks, I was totally confident in my smile lines!" - Lauren Wireman

It comes with a pack of replacement tips.  


Clamp the training hand to your nail table.  Pop the nail tips onto the fingertips by pressing them straight down until the "click" into place.  To remove, pull the ENTIRE fleshy part of the finger forward (the nail will come with it).  Then remove the plastic nail tip, and replace the fleshy part of the finger.  

Replacement parts are not available, so please make sure you're applying and removing the nails properly.