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Red Acrylic brush
Red Acrylic brush
Red Acrylic brush

Red Acrylic brush

Introducing Wildflowers Acrylic Brush


This brush was designed to be 3mm longer than the average brush, which gives the brush a little more bend.  The cap fits snug, so be careful when putting the cap on the brush.  


Prep:  When you receive the brush, do not break apart the bristles with your fingers.  (If you do so, the brush will puff out very big and the cap will not fit on until the brush shrinks back down to a normal size - this can take a few days of regular use to achieve).  

Instead, place the brush immediately into monomer.  Gently saturate the brush.  Wipe the brush into a paper-towel several times.  Continue to repeat this process until the brush is clean and flexible.  Discard the monomer when finished.  

Be careful placing the cap back onto the brush, it's a tight fit.