White Chrome
White Chrome

White Chrome

a/k/a Unicorn Opal Chrome (Wildflowers Original White Chrome)

Peach / Blue hue... throws a pink / copper / blue over white.  

NEW White Chrome Powder in a 3g size jar!

This is that one that EVERYONE has been looking for!  

Enhance your beautiful nails by giving them a high shine iridescent, aurora borealis finish!  


  • Finish your nail foundation, it looks best over light colors, but can go over any color!
  • Apply Wildflowers tack-free Metallic Topcoat.  Cure for 30 seconds ONLY in an LED lamp, or 60 seconds in a UV lamp.  
  • Use a silicone tool or eyeshadow applicator to apply the white chrome powder.  Clean off excess.
  • Topcoat with Wildflowers tack-free Metallic Topcoat.  Cure.  For extra durability follow with your favorite brand of gel topcoat or builder gel.

Product Size:

3g jar.