Wildflowers Art Mat

Wildflowers Art Mat

This high quality silicone mat was designed by Lauren for use with all of your gel and acrylic paint products, as well as a palette and practice mat for one-stroke.

It truly is the perfect size for your hands-on work area making it quick and easy to lift up and clean between clients.

Transparent enough so that you can slide practice sheets or stamping guides (like our Guide Plate) underneath to practice. 

Provides table protection and makes your hands-on work area a non-slip surface.

  • Made from pure food-grade silicone
  • Disinfectable
  • Can be cleaned with acetone or alcohol
  • This mat is not affected by acetone, alcohol, monomer, gel polish, nail polish, pigments, chromes, acrylic l&p...it all wipes right off!

Comes in a super cute tube that you can use while traveling. **Lauren's favorite part is that you can slide your brushes inside of it!

 Product Size: 

33cm x 24cm (approximately 13" x 9.5")