Tack Free Metallic Topcoat

Tack Free Metallic Topcoat

Wildflowers award winning Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat is CRAZY thin and won't add bulk to the nail, its the perfect base for all of our chrome products for a smooth application.

-some nail techs love it for a final coat over our chrome products, but we recommend using our thicker and shinier TOP COAT GEL.  


Chrome Application:

  • Apply this product over a gel polish system.  
  • Cure for ONLY 30 seconds in an LED lamp.  
  • Apply your pigment powder (chrome, powdered sugar powder, unicorn powder, or chameleon pigment) removing any excess from the nail.
  • Coat again with Wildflowers Tack-Free Metallic Topcoat and cure for 60 seconds to preserve the look.  
  • Finish with a final coat of regular (hard gel) gel topcoat for maximum durability.  

Cure time in a UV lamp can vary based on the age of the bulbs and wattage of the lamp, but the recommended time to try is 1 minute.  

Tack-free topcoats are VERY porous which means after they are cured, they can pick up pigments and dyes and stain from anything from a new pair of jeans or scrubs, all the way to the spice tumeric.  We recommend using a regular gel topcoat OVER the tack-free metallic topcoat to protect the nails, give better durability, and help to prevent staining from common things.   


Product Size:

15 mL